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  • Canyoning Briançon Serre Chevalier

    Canyoning Briançon Serre Chevalier

    Proposé par Eaurigine

    à partir de 60

    Discover the most beautiful canyons around Briançon and the Pays des Écrins

    Canyoning means venturing into a narrow canyon carved by water, following the water's path and its trace in the rock that draws corridors, slides and deep basins. Walking, swimming, jumping, sliding and rappelling are all ways to explore the hidden places at the bottom of the canyons.

    Each canyon has its own characteristics: some are aquatic, involving a lot of swimming and jumps, while others are aerial and vertical, where you will have to abseil down high waterfalls.

    Not requiring any particular technical knowledge, canyoning allows beginners to discover inaccessible places, where the pleasure of jumps and slides on natural slides mixes with the thrill of abseiling, in often grandiose landscapes.

    The instructions given before departure by the guide, a climbing specialist (BE Climbing or High Mountain Guide), allow you to quickly master the abseiling technique if necessary.

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