Mountain survival: an escape game in the heart of the Jura mountains

In the vast expanses of the Jura, where nature can be unforgiving, the "Into the Wild" escape game reminds you of the fundamentals of survival: three weeks without food, three days without water, three hours without shelter, and three minutes without oxygen!

Located in Les Rousses, ESI Boîte à Montagne offers a unique outdoor learning experience, where the mountain becomes your playground.

The "Into the Wild" Escape Game immerses you in an adventure where every decision counts. Starting by saving mannequins from imminent asphyxiation, you'll need to solve puzzles to find the way out. Then, you'll learn to start a fire, build a shelter, filter water, and forage for food in the surrounding wilderness.

In parallel, other games like "The Passeurs" take you on a journey through the Jura mountains, where you'll overcome obstacles and gather clues to reconstruct the story of the smugglers at the Franco-Swiss border.

For those who prefer mysteries, a giant Cluedo plunges you into a thrilling investigation to uncover who devoured the school's mascot.

These fun activities, led by mountain professionals, offer a unique opportunity to learn while having fun. Whether it's starting a fire or mastering a GPS, these games are accessible to everyone, even children who, according to the instructors, are often more resourceful than adults!

Get ready for unforgettable adventures in the heart of the Jura, where the mountain reveals its secrets to those who dare to explore its trails.

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