After a hard ski season, it's high time to think about relaxing and sunbathing on the beach.
Yes, but which one to choose? With more than 2000 km of beaches, France is an ideal destination to spread your towel. 
Discover our selection of the most beautiful beaches in France.

Etretat Beach. 

We might as well say it right away, Etratat, we go there above all for its impressive chiseled cliffs. And very often, we even forget that Etretat has a beach, yet this last one is located just at the end of the main town.

So even if it is a pebble beach, Etretat beach is still one of the most beautiful in France thanks to its grandiose scenery made of chalk cliffs, rocky protuberances that can reach 80 meters high (the needle) and the ocean.


The Beach of Racou in Argelès-sur-Mer

Not far from the Spanish border, at the foot of the Albères massif at the southern end of Argelès-sur-Mer, lies one of the small pearls of the Languedoc-Roussillon coast: the hamlet of Racou.

This typical little hamlet borders the beach with its white houses. With the landscape of wooded hills, the view on the cliffs, the atmosphere of undergrowth, the beach is like the hamlet: charming and relaxing. 


The beach of Magouero in Plouhinec

What more can be said except that this vast stretch of sand 8 kilometers long is a delight for fishermen on foot at low tide and for bathers (not too cold) at high tide.

On the one hand, there is the quiet strength of the terrestrial landscape, made of wood and rocks, and on the other hand, the power of the ocean. The beach of Magouero is a condensed version of Brittany. 


The beach of Saint-Clair du Lavandou

Fine sand, surrounding mountains, fresh pine forests, if the Saint Clair beach is not paradise, it looks like it.

At only 1,5km from Le Lavandou, this beach offers a beautiful panorama on the golden islands (Port Cros and Le Levant) and a little more quietness than its big sister, the Grande Plage.

The beach of Pin Sec in Gironde 

The setting? A long, wild and preserved dune line that runs along a 3.5 km long beach with a totally natural aspect.

The population ? Surfers eager for Atlantic waves and families who can enjoy the beach in complete safety, as it is supervised during the whole summer period.

The beach of Santa Giula in Porto-Vecchio 

One of the most beautiful Corsican places is located in one of the most beautiful bays of the island of beauty. Logical, you may say. What is also logical is that in the middle of summer, it will be difficult to enjoy this heavenly place frequented by thousands of tourists every year.

And yet, imagine a tongue of fine sand that gently licks the crystal clear water of the sea. All around you, the mountains and a pine forest. Your wet feet leave their footprints, for a few seconds, on the wooden pontoon which seems to spin towards infinity... Welcome to Corsica! 

The Beach of the Calanque d'en-Vau

The Calanque d'en Vau and its huge cliffs are one of the must-see sites in the south of France, not only for its beach, but also as a climbing spot.

The beach of La Nartelle in Sainte-Maxime

No wave, it's the Mediterranean, the sea as a horizon, pine trees as a natural barrier with the urban life, can we do better as a family beach more pleasant?

The Huttes beach in Saint-Denis d'Oléron

On the island of Oleron, the beach of Les Huttes is the only one facing the ocean and the United States, the other two, the beaches of La Boirie and Soubregon, are looking at the metropolis.

Beaten by the winds and waves, that gives this beach its wild character.  Whatever the case, with its dunes, its protected paths and its New Zealand or Australian airs, the Huttes beach is a real promise of elsewhere.

So you made your choice for this summer ?