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    Session VTT

    Proposé par ESI Métabief

    Explore the trails of Métabief on an unforgettable mountain biking adventure with ESI Métabief!

    Summer in Métabief is the perfect time for mountain biking enthusiasts, and ESI Métabief is here to accompany you on this thrilling experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced mountain biker, our passionate guides will lead you through the varied and exciting trails of the region.

    Our mountain biking routes in Métabief are designed to cater to all levels. Whether you're looking for a leisurely family ride, an adrenaline-pumping descent on technical tracks, or an off-road adventure, our guides will adapt to your preferences and skill level.

    By choosing to go mountain biking with ESI Métabief, you'll have the opportunity to discover breathtaking landscapes, winding trails through the woods, and thrilling descents that will get your heart racing. Our local guides will share their knowledge of the best tracks, riding techniques, and mountain biking safety, allowing you to progress and fully enjoy this activity.

    Mountain biking in Métabief is more than just a bike ride; it's an outdoor adventure that pushes your limits, allows you to experience the excitement of downhill rides, and connects you with nature. It's an opportunity to enjoy the fresh mountain air, tackle technical challenges, and create unforgettable memories with your friends or family.

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