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  • Escape game Into the wild

    Escape game Into the wild

    Proposé par ESI La Boîte à Montagne

    à partir de 26

    When it comes to survival, the rule of three states that humans can survive for three weeks without food, three days without water,...

    2 teams compete to rescue 2 hikers trapped in a caravan. Remember the rule of 3! Tests of cooperation, thinking skills, agility and dexterity will be on the programme as you broaden your knowledge and skills in wilderness survival techniques! 

    Ages 7 and over
    Guaranteed for groups of 5 or more
    Period: April to October
    Duration: 2 hours / 2 hours 30 minutes
    MATERIAL SUPPLIED: Specific equipment for the different workshops

    INDIVIDUAL EQUIPMENT TO BE PROVIDED: Sports gear, water, sun cream.

    Supervision by a qualified instructor and loan of equipment.

  • ESCAPE GAME "Les passeurs"

    ESCAPE GAME "Les passeurs"

    Proposé par ESI La Boîte à Montagne

    à partir de 24

    Succeed in overcoming the obstacles of the Jura mountains. Get your DVA, find your bags containing progression material and secret...

    Which passing team will be the fastest to cross the border? The smugglers crossed the mountains by "gits" in the cliffs, lines of weakness in the mountain. The gits were difficult routes but not known to the Germans. All before dawn!! Which team of smugglers will solve the riddle of the Jura smugglers? 2 teams compete in eclectic events to collect as many clues as possible: Reflection, speed, dexterity, and a little flexibility will be more than necessary qualities...