Discover the Jura mountains differently with our instructors!

he Jura is an authentic mountain with a preserved natural environment... Our school, open all year round, offers you a multitude of outdoor activities with always a particular sensitivity for the preservation of this still so generous nature... Here, it is therefore not the factory! Whether in the water, on land or clinging to the cliffs, our passionate instructors will be keen to help you discover all the riches and subtleties of our territory...



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An office open all year round, 7 days a week in season!

An office open all year round, 7 days a week in season!

Virginie and Maryline, our hostesses specializing in outdoor activities, welcome you to the center of the village of Les Rousses.

The ESI La Boîte A Montagne is made up of 12 instructors, a mountain bike and mountain bike park, a kayak park (packraft), half-day or full-day outdoor activities, courses for children and teenagers, organizations seminars and team building, itinerant stays...

Toutes nos activités

  • Escape game Into the wild

    Escape game Into the wild

    Proposé par ESI La Boîte à Montagne

    à partir de 26

    When it comes to survival, the rule of three states that humans can survive for three weeks without food, three days without water,...

    2 teams compete to rescue 2 hikers trapped in a caravan. Remember the rule of 3! Tests of cooperation, thinking skills, agility and dexterity will be on the programme as you broaden your knowledge and skills in wilderness survival techniques! 

    Ages 7 and over
    Guaranteed for groups of 5 or more
    Period: April to October
    Duration: 2 hours / 2 hours 30 minutes
    MATERIAL SUPPLIED: Specific equipment for the different workshops

    INDIVIDUAL EQUIPMENT TO BE PROVIDED: Sports gear, water, sun cream.

    Supervision by a qualified instructor and loan of equipment.

  • Playfull Challenge

    Playfull Challenge

    Proposé par ESI La Boîte à Montagne

    à partir de 220

    Teams compete in a good mood, on original and eclectic events

    We have a large grass stadium with a sheltered shooting range for the biathlon. Barnums can also be installed if the weather is uncertain. Teams, challenges and fun!! Different possible challenges:

    • Precision air rifle shooting (biathlon)
    • Jousting in Bumper-Balls (giant inflatable balls)
    • Search DVA (Detection of Avalanche Victims)
    • Giant-skis
    • Downhill scooters (dual slalom)
    • Archery-tag (archery battle)
    • Orientation & reflection game
    • Tree climbing challenge (tree climbing)
    • Disc ball, ultimate
    • Archery-biathlon
  • Caving in Jura

    Caving in Jura

    Proposé par ESI La Boîte à Montagne

    à partir de 45

    Through initiation caves, explore the underground world and its treasures: underground rivers, joints, fault mirrors, calcite or aragonite...

    The underground world then opens up to you: low passage, climbing in a meander worthy of a canyon, and a short abseil A complete nature outing with the discovery of a cave located in a magnificent setting called remote, an atypical Jura landscape. The underground world then opens up to you: low passage, climbing in a meander worthy of a canyon, and a short abseil. Through anecdotes, your instructor Sébastien will be able to explain these amazing formations, the geological history of this massif.... and many other surprises await you!!


  • Natural cliff climbing

    Natural cliff climbing

    Proposé par ESI La Boîte à Montagne

    à partir de 33

    Climbing in the Jura on a natural cliff 15 to 30m high. Fun activity accessible to all from beginner to advanced.

    Climbing is a fun activity. Added to the pleasure of climbing is the discovery of the path to reach the top of the cliff. The spirit of the roped party dominates to ensure the safety of the climber, as does the encouragement to find the holds. The Jurassic limestone, dotted with many holes, is a rock that lends itself ideally to initiation or improvement. So, ready to climb to the top of the Jura cliffs?


  • Jura ridges by mountain bike / VTTAE

    Jura ridges by mountain bike / VTTAE

    Proposé par ESI La Boîte à Montagne

    à partir de 38

    The beautiful view of the Grandes Alpes and Mont-Blanc is yours!! Course in the beautiful Swiss mountain pastures.

    Wild and ideal for mountain biking, this is how the Jura massif is defined because the drop is never too big. The course of the ridges is carried out on undulating single tracks. About 250m of elevation gain.


  • ESCAPE GAME "Les passeurs"

    ESCAPE GAME "Les passeurs"

    Proposé par ESI La Boîte à Montagne

    à partir de 24

    Succeed in overcoming the obstacles of the Jura mountains. Get your DVA, find your bags containing progression material and secret...

    Which passing team will be the fastest to cross the border? The smugglers crossed the mountains by "gits" in the cliffs, lines of weakness in the mountain. The gits were difficult routes but not known to the Germans. All before dawn!! Which team of smugglers will solve the riddle of the Jura smugglers? 2 teams compete in eclectic events to collect as many clues as possible: Reflection, speed, dexterity, and a little flexibility will be more than necessary qualities...


  • Path of vertigo

    Path of vertigo

    Proposé par ESI La Boîte à Montagne

    à partir de 50

    Roped progression on a natural cliff of the Jura... An intense and wild activity with sensation!!

    An unusual experience in the heart of the Jura cliffs, on a beautifully sculpted rock... Progression roped on narrow ledges, passage of projections by putting your hands down, exploration of beautiful limestone grooves... All in a wild and grandiose environment. No technical difficulty but a unique atmosphere! You like the mountain atmosphere, you like to enjoy nature away from the crowds... This is the activity for you!! To end on a high note, two 40m abseils will take you to the foot of the cliff! (possibility of return by a path)


  • Biathlon


    Proposé par ESI La Boîte à Montagne

    à partir de 28

    Adrenaline when pressing the trigger of the rifle for sensations approaching those experienced by the biathlete during his competition....

    After an introduction to the compressed air rifle (pellets) to assimilate the shooting positions (prone shooting / standing shooting), identification of the small fun course on a fat-bike scooter (big wheels) then team challenges during a biathlon at the atmosphere guaranteed!!


  • Downhill scooter

    Downhill scooter

    Proposé par ESI La Boîte à Montagne

    à partir de 42

    Fun downhill activity with a mountain scooter. 900m of downhill gradient with a stable and accessible machine from 10 years old.

    Green alpine pastures with beautiful Vaudois forests as well as beautiful descents that are never too technical await us. More stable, with 3-inch low-pressure tyres, downhill type forks, the scooter is an all-purpose machine.... An activity in a magnificent setting facing Mont-Blanc to discover without moderation!!


  • Canyoning Malvaux

    Canyoning Malvaux

    Proposé par ESI La Boîte à Montagne

    à partir de 40

    The Malvaux canyon located in the Jura is very open and fun with lots of jumps.

    t is a victim of its success with sometimes very high attendance! We advise you to take advantage of the mornings to fully enjoy this beautiful and very playful canyon... This veritable Aqualand that nature has given us is undoubtedly the most playful in the Jura. The jumps follow one another in powerful and very refreshing water! To get there, you will have to dare to jump at least more than a meter (minimum jump compulsory), but you will not be disappointed by its distressing siphon (avoidable!) and its magnificent final waterfall. 5 minutes approach walk and 15 minutes return make it a relatively undemanding physically canyon.


  • Enduro MTB

    Enduro MTB

    Proposé par ESI La Boîte à Montagne

    à partir de 45

    Beautiful single tracks with a view of Mont Blanc. 1200m of negative elevation, 300m of positive for an arrival near Lake Geneva.

    At the start, beautiful crossings of mountain pastures, followed by a course in the undergrowth before the steeper final part with several options and modules of jumps and compressions, fun as you wish! The varied trails with steeper passages, a few steps, requiring slightly more precise trajectories, jumps and tables in certain places (but always optional). The landscapes are magnificent on Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc.

    Mountain bike, helmet, protections, gloves and return by shuttle included in the price.


  • Via Ferrata  Roche au Dade

    Via Ferrata Roche au Dade

    Proposé par ESI La Boîte à Montagne

    à partir de 35

    Via Ferrata 10 minutes from the resort of Les Rousses in the Jura. Vertical passages, Nepalese bridges and rope bridges line the route.

    Via Ferrata is a vertical hike equipped with ladders, rope bridges, zip line, over 250m of elevation to reach the summit. Magnificent view of the Bienne valley with its many viaducts and the Haut-Jura mountains.

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