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  • Kite surfing lessons

    Kite surfing lessons

    Proposé par MF Kite

    We offer year-round kitesurfing lessons in Hyères with a variety of personalized packages! The Mediterranean provides excellent weather...

    Kitesurfing lessons last 3.5 hours and take place in the morning, afternoon, or evening from our school in Hyères. The schedules are set the day before to ensure you can enjoy the best weather conditions.

    Groups consist of a maximum of 4 students with one supervised navigator. All necessary equipment is provided: kite and board, as well as wetsuit, harness, life jacket, and helmet.

    Changing rooms are available for storing your belongings and to allow you to take a hot shower after your lesson. Instruction takes place directly in open water aboard motorboats, with one kiteboarding setup per person (no lessons in front of a board or kite flying).

    Instruction is personalized to each student's level, from beginner to advanced. All instructors are connected via VHF radios to each other and the base for secure supervision.

    You can enjoy the center's facilities, dine with the team, or watch instructional videos.

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