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Our school offers kitesurfing and wingfoil courses from beginner to advanced levels, private kitesurfing and wingfoil lessons, sea drop-offs, foil courses, freestyle sessions, strapless techniques, youth/kids programs, trips to Porquerolles, seminars... Discover our diverse range of offerings!

More informations

More informations

To prioritize your safety and learning experience in kitesurfing and wingfoiling, we use the best kitesurfing and wingfoil equipment of the current year.

Our lessons are conducted by boat, providing several advantages:

  • Safety: Lessons in open water allow students to focus on the technical aspects without interference from other practitioners or proximity to the beach.
  • Comfort: No need to walk back to the starting point after each attempt.

Toutes nos activités

  • Wingfoil lessons

    Wingfoil lessons

    Proposé par MF Kite

    Discover wingfoiling with our dynamic courses in Hyères! Tailored for all levels, our 3-hour sessions blend open-water practice with...

  • Kite surfing lessons

    Kite surfing lessons

    Proposé par MF Kite

    We offer year-round kitesurfing lessons in Hyères with a variety of personalized packages! The Mediterranean provides excellent weather...

    Kitesurfing lessons last 3.5 hours and take place in the morning, afternoon, or evening from our school in Hyères. The schedules are set the day before to ensure you can enjoy the best weather conditions.

    Groups consist of a maximum of 4 students with one supervised navigator. All necessary equipment is provided: kite and board, as well as wetsuit, harness, life jacket, and helmet.

    Changing rooms are available for storing your belongings and to allow you to take a hot shower after your lesson. Instruction takes place directly in open water aboard motorboats, with one kiteboarding setup per person (no lessons in front of a board or kite flying).

    Instruction is personalized to each student's level, from beginner to advanced. All instructors are connected via VHF radios to each other and the base for secure supervision.

    You can enjoy the center's facilities, dine with the team, or watch instructional videos.

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Paradise Beaches

Paradise Beaches

With its sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, Hyères is a true paradise for those who love lounging and swimming. The famous Almanarre Beach is a must-visit spot, perfect for a relaxing day under the Mediterranean sun.

The Golden Isles

Off the coast of Hyères, the Golden Isles – Porquerolles, Port-Cros, and Le Levant – are natural treasures that must be explored. Porquerolles, the largest of the three islands, is known for its pristine beaches and hiking trails. Port-Cros, a national park, is a haven of marine and terrestrial biodiversity.

Preserved Nature

Hyères is surrounded by magnificent natural landscapes, with parks and reserves where flora and fauna thrive. The Olbius Riquier Park is a lush botanical garden, perfect for a family stroll. The Pesquiers salt marshes also offer a unique spectacle, especially at sunset.