MAPIK: The new free mapping application for your outdoor activities

Eager to democratize outdoor sports and make them accessible to all, APIK launches its mapping application to accompany all outdoor sports enthusiasts. The goal? To find your way easily thanks to a simple topographic map available offline to move safely !

Free and easy to use, it geo-locates users and allows them to visualise the map of the surrounding area, offering information such as contour lines, trails, peaks and relief, as well as signposting for ski runs. Simply download MAPIK and create an account to be located on detailed maps. A first layer allows you to locate alpine and nordic ski runs. A second layer will join the app's functionalities and will allow to visualize avalanche risks by colorization, a technique indicating slopes with a degree of inclination higher than 30°.

In addition to offering an eco-responsible alternative to paper, the application is currently one of the only ones to offer free access to detailed maps, without add-ons or paid options.
to detailed, easy-to-use maps that can be used offline. Available from 6 April onwards in all app stores, it currently covers the European Union and the United Kingdom, with the possibility of expanding to other countries.
It is currently available in all app stores in the European Union and the United Kingdom, with the possibility of expanding to the rest of the world in the future, while remaining free.

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About API-K
Founded in 2018 by François Sforza and Nicolas Sornin, APIK is dedicated to securing outdoor leisure and professional activities through a triple action plan: geo-secure,
connect and innovate. They offer geo-positioning equipment, event monitoring services and have their own LAB through which they offer their expertise. Particularly concerned with sustainable development issues, they work in collaboration with territories and emergency services in order to create a safe environment and develop a serene and conscious use of space. 

Their credo: Sharing, Pleasure and Performance!