We see blooming in France more and more pumptracks for a few years. This new phenomenon is exploding, because it is accessible to everyone, whether you are a beginner, a child or a professional rider. By bike, roller, skate or even scooter, pumptracks are a real playground for everyone. 

But what is a pumptrack? A combination of two English words, "Track" and "Pump", which designates a pumping movement that is carried out by performing a bending action with the legs and arms. We use the reliefs of the Pumptrack to pump, it allows to generate speed on the course and thus to advance without pedaling or pushing. 

We have selected for you, the best Pumptracks in France, whether by the sea, in town or even in the mountains. 

Photo © Bike Solution

Villard-de-Lans - Vercors 

Direction the department of Isère and more precisely the Vercors massif to discover the pumptrack of Villard-de-Lans which dates from 2018. Big of more than 1700 m 2, this pumptrack offers 3 tracks for all levels with a green track for beginners, an intermediate blue track and a red track for experienced riders. 

The green track will be ideal for beginners in shower and safety, the blue one will offer you more speed and the red one offers various modules between step-up, double and triple bumps to make jumps. 

Also note the presence in the center of the course of an area for skates. 

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La Plagne - Savoie

Direction this time the Savoie and the massif of the tarentaise to explore the pumptracks of the resort of La Plagne. Famous for skiing, the resort has been able to offer many sports activities to develop its summer offer. With 2 pumptracks built in 2017 of 1300 m2 thus offering a green discovery course and a blue/red course for riders looking for thrills. 

The beginner pumptrack will be perfect for children and older to introduce you to the joys of Pump. The "sensations" zone is made up of an intermediate course and an advanced course offering guaranteed sensations. 

These different courses will offer you a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains which gives it a unique charm. 

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Combloux - Haute-Savoie 

We embark you with us to discover a high Savoyard pumptrack offering a magical view of the mythical Mont Blanc. Located next to the skatepark, this Pumptrack was designed in 2016 and offers you no less than 1200 m2 for all levels. 

With 2 courses of difficulty everyone will find his happiness, for the most reckless this Pumptrack will offer you several possibilities of transfer. 

And to ride with such a view, it's really a dream! 

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Les Carroz - Haute-Savoie 

We stay in Haute-Savoie, but this time, we change of side, direction the station of Carroz in the Grand Massif. Dating from 2018, the Pumptrack of Les Carroz is more than 1500 m2 and 3 courses on the edge of the forest in a still wild environment.

Composed of 2 blue tracks accessible to all levels and a more technical red track with many possible jumps, this pumptrack will delight young and old.

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Plouhinec - Finistère

No more mountains, let's go breathe some sea air in Brittany and more precisely in Finistère.  It is in 2021 that the magnificent Pumptrack of Plouhinec was born offering not less than 2500 m2 of happiness! 

This area offers 4 levels, with a beautiful green area off-center from the other areas for more serenity and a huge area offering 3 levels of difficulty blue, red and black.

A remarkable feature of the Pumptrack, the red course offers a wooden wall ride for bikes and even a bridge which makes it truly unique.

Also noteworthy is a black straight line that will lead you to a big jump with a table and a cushioned landing.

In short, it is a must-see.

Strasbourg - Alsace 

If you're more of a city person, it's a good thing we're taking you to Alsace and the beautiful city of Strasbourg. The Stride Indoor Bike Park was inaugurated in 2016 and it is the largest indoor course in France with no less than 2200 m2. 

Located in a former freight station, this pumptrack offers a unique atmosphere with its industrial style. Composed of 3 courses of different levels, proposing soft bumps, raised turns and big jumps. 

The blue track will invite you to test 2 courses which will allow you to vary the pleasures. 

We will also note the presence of a magnificent metallic wall ride on the red course, in addition to the numerous bumps. 

This unique place has kept its history with its beautiful glass roofs, its brick walls and its 2 old railroad lives which offers a unique cachet to the world. 

It is one of the biggest indoor Pumptrack in the world. 

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Le Barcarès - Pyrénées Orientales 

Would you like to get some sun? Go to the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees Orientales to discover the Pumptrack of Barcarès on the vermilion coast. 

This great Pumptrack will offer you in addition to the sun, 3 courses with 3 levels of difficulty which will also allow you to realize beautiful transfers. 

A course for the beginners more for the children, an intermediate and one for the experts! Located next to the Shaka Park, a huge complex for skateboarding, bmx, scooter and rollerblading, it's impossible to get bored with more than 3000 m2 of sliding space available! 

In short, it's paradise !

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Montévrain - Seine et Marne 

We save the best for last !  Located not far from Disneyland Paris, we take you to discover the largest Pumptrack in France in Montévrain in Seine et Marne. 
With no less than 6000 m2 of course, 124 bumps and 23 turns, explore this huge playground accessible to all. 

The green beginner's course of 90m will be perfect for children with its small bumps and mini turns. The blue course, intermediate, will offer a nice riding area for the more initiated and the confirmed course of 380 m long will delight the pros with its beautiful turns and big bumps. 

Note a 90m long straight line circuit for riders who are looking for a thrill with its maxis bumps. 

It is the 2nd largest Pumptrack in Europe! In short, this huge playground will be really ideal for bmx, but not only... 

So you made your choice? Have a good ride !