Our article on the most beautiful French beaches did not convince you? 
Very well, pack your bags and discover our selection of the most beautiful beaches, creeks and coves in the world, to give you ideas for future dream trips! 

Paradise Island, Bahamas

Paradise Istand, an island of the Bahamas with beautiful waters and fine sands...

The island itself is only 3 square kilometers, but its beaches are ideal for a few hours out of time... 

Porto Covo, Portugal 

The Atlantic Ocean meets the coast of Porto Covo, in the south of Portugal.

There are cliffs and large beaches, but the small village is also interesting to visit. It is a fishing village. An authentic destination. 

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is not only a historical witness of the Mayan past of Mexico, but it is also the place of many beautiful beaches of the Riviera Maya. 

Thus by visiting Tulum, which counts hardly 1500 inhabitants, you will be able on the one hand to discover an ancient civilization by visiting the ruins and also to bask on its superb beaches, far from the tourist places of the country. 

Maya Bay, Thailand

Maya Bay like all the beaches of Phi Phi Islands is incredible.

Most tourists come by boat from Phuket to spend a few hours in this heavenly place. 

Calo des Moro, Spain

Crystal clear waters surrounded by cliffs and greenery, welcome to Calo des Moro, a cove in Majorca, a few kilometers from Santanyi in the south of the island. 

The sunsets here are incredible, but they have to be earned, you will have to walk some 500 meters on a small path to reach this magical place. 

Grand Anse - Seychelles

The beaches of the granitic islands of the Seychelles are often bordered by huge rocks.

The beach of Grand Anse is no exception, near the national park of Praslin, it is a beautiful and very romantic beach of fine sand. Most of the resorts on the island have a view of the beach, so you can spend a dream stay. 

Cayo Levisa, Cuba 

In Cuba, the "Cayo" are numerous, they are in fact small islands of sand and coral like the one of Cayo Levisa where we reach by boat, after 2 hours of road towards the west of Havana.

It is quite touristy, so you can go canoeing or snorkeling near the corals. 

Castaway Beach, Greece 

In the southwest of Greece, among the islands, the one of Zenate is particularly known thanks to its spectacular bay, known as the "Shipwrecked".

The wreck of an old Italian smuggling ship that was wrecked here can be seen. It is therefore a historic and unusual beach at the same time. 

Punta Matira, Polynesia

Punta Matira is one of the most typical postcards of French Polynesia, with its rooms on the water, but we can also note its beaches and transparent water...


So you have made your choice for your next vacation?