Cecilia Yoga in Valloire

I am Cecilia, sports educator, ski instructor and certified yoga teacher. 

I offer a modern, creative and moving yoga, aiming to strengthen, soften, improve posture and mobility of the body. 

The synchronization of movement and breathing helps to calm the mind and to reach a state of general and lasting well-being. When practiced regularly and with full awareness, this practice is a true meditation in movement.

Toutes ses activités

  • Yoga & Hiit

    Yoga & Hiit

    Proposé par Cécilia Laurent

    à partir de 12

    Every Friday at 6.30pm, every other week from 9 June to 18 August 2023, discover our 1.5-hour class combining Hiit and Yoga to combine...

    45 minutes of intensive Cardio-Rendo 


    45 minutes of Strech Yoga for a return to calm.

  • Cours de Yoga

    Cours de Yoga

    Proposé par Cécilia Laurent

    à partir de 12

    Les cours ont lieu à la salle Gabriel Julliard (merci d’arriver au moins 5mn avant le début du cours).


    12€ le cours (10€ saisonniers), 45€ les cinq, 85€ les dix

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Cécilia Yoga in Valloire
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