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  • One Wheel session

    One Wheel session

    Proposé par ESI 360 Samoëns

    The One Wheel activity is a unique and fun experience in Samoëns. It consists of exploring the stunning landscapes of the region using...

    The One Wheel activity is a unique and fun experience in Samoëns. It consists of exploring the stunning landscapes of the region using an all-terrain electric skateboard with a single wheel and a powerful electric motor that allows you to ride on different types of terrain, such as mountain trails, forest paths, cycling tracks, and much more.

    During this activity, you will have the opportunity to follow an experienced guide who will show you the most beautiful places in Samoëns while teaching you how to master your board. You can enjoy a unique mountain experience while feeling the sensation of gliding and freedom.

    Whether you are a beginner or experienced, this activity is accessible to all. The guides will adapt their route and speed based on your level to ensure your safety while providing an unforgettable experience.

    In summary, the One Wheel activity in Samoëns is a fun and original way to discover the incredible landscapes of the region while experiencing thrilling sensations. So, don't hesitate and go on an adventure on One Wheel!

  • Hiking in Samoëns

    Hiking in Samoëns

    Proposé par ESI 360 Samoëns

    à partir de 30

    The mountain from every angle! Follow Mathias for a great moment of nature escape

    The fauna, flora and landscapes of the Giffre valley no longer hold any secrets for him. Themed outings throughout the week with observations (you can take your own photos), tastings and lots of other surprises.

    Try the "5 senses walk" with Roxy and Mathias. An instinctive walk for a total opening on the living world which surrounds us.

    Duration: full day or half day.

    Transport possible.

    For the general public.

  • Via Ferrata Samoëns

    Via Ferrata Samoëns

    Proposé par ESI 360 Samoëns

    à partir de 45

    Take to the skies! For those who are not afraid of heights and who want an experience halfway between climbing and hiking.

    Evolve on a rock face course, insured and accompanied by a high mountain guide.

    Escape during this climb above the void and admire the sumptuous landscapes of the Haut Giffre and the view of Sixt Fer à Cheval and the Gorges des Tines.

    Equipment provided (harness, helmet, lanyards and carabiners)

    Bring a pair of hiking boots or closed trainers.

    Duration: 2h30

    Children from 1m30.

  • Canyoning Samoëns

    Canyoning Samoëns

    Proposé par ESI 360 Samoëns

    à partir de 55

    A magical experience. A mixture of climbing, caving and hiking...all with your feet in the water!

    Canyoning is the perfect activity to discover the grooves formed by our rivers and streams in Haute-Savoie.

    Abseiling, sliding down natural slides or jumping into the crystal clear water, there is no shortage of surprises!

    Duration: half a day

    Transport to the site is required

    Children from 12 years old.

    More infos : 

    • +33 4 50 53 38 92
  • Rafting Samoëns

    Rafting Samoëns

    Proposé par ESI 360 Samoëns

    à partir de 39

    Refreshing guaranteed! There is nothing better than moving along the water... The river Giffre winds its way through the villages...

    Departure from Sixt Fer à Cheval in a boat for up to 8 people. Equipment at the base, briefing by qualified guides and off you go for the adventure!

    Duration: about 2 hours

    Children from 7 years old (must be able to swim)

    Bring a swimming costume and a towel, the rest is up to you!

    Contact us for more informations : 

    • +33 4 50 53 38 92



  • Guided E-Fat Scooter tours

    Guided E-Fat Scooter tours

    Proposé par ESI 360 Samoëns

    à partir de 35

    A gentle, silent, 100% electric and 100% FUN way to get around!

    The best way to discover the Giffre valley from Samoëns. Beautiful walks in the forest along the river and around our mountain lakes.

    The E-Fat Scoot can be ridden with family, friends or simply solo with a group. 

    Helmets and protective clothing provided.

    Lac aux Dames Tour: 1h

    Lac Bleu Tour: 1h30

    Lac de Vernays Tour : 2h approximately.

    More informations : 

    • +33 4 50 53 38 92

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