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  • Jura ridges by mountain bike / VTTAE

    Jura ridges by mountain bike / VTTAE

    Proposé par ESI La Boîte à Montagne

    à partir de 38

    The beautiful view of the Grandes Alpes and Mont-Blanc is yours!! Course in the beautiful Swiss mountain pastures.

    Wild and ideal for mountain biking, this is how the Jura massif is defined because the drop is never too big. The course of the ridges is carried out on undulating single tracks. About 250m of elevation gain.


  • Downhill scooter

    Downhill scooter

    Proposé par ESI La Boîte à Montagne

    à partir de 42

    Fun downhill activity with a mountain scooter. 900m of downhill gradient with a stable and accessible machine from 10 years old.

    Green alpine pastures with beautiful Vaudois forests as well as beautiful descents that are never too technical await us. More stable, with 3-inch low-pressure tyres, downhill type forks, the scooter is an all-purpose machine.... An activity in a magnificent setting facing Mont-Blanc to discover without moderation!!


  • Enduro MTB

    Enduro MTB

    Proposé par ESI La Boîte à Montagne

    à partir de 45

    Beautiful single tracks with a view of Mont Blanc. 1200m of negative elevation, 300m of positive for an arrival near Lake Geneva.

    At the start, beautiful crossings of mountain pastures, followed by a course in the undergrowth before the steeper final part with several options and modules of jumps and compressions, fun as you wish! The varied trails with steeper passages, a few steps, requiring slightly more precise trajectories, jumps and tables in certain places (but always optional). The landscapes are magnificent on Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc.

    Mountain bike, helmet, protections, gloves and return by shuttle included in the price.